Q – How long does it normally take to get a divorce?

A. A typical response to this question if we were speaking like attorneys would be “it depends” which in truth is more or less a proper response.

While your divorce is pending you have to wait a mandatory cooling off period of 60 days, then the case can officially be set for a final hearing. That does not mean that the case will be done in 60 days because there may be delays in getting an inventory done, getting property evaluations, and setting the case for mediation before trial if mediation is mandatory where you are getting a divorce.

An uncontested divorce can get done in 60 days, we have had very complex, intense, contested cases that have lasted two years to finalize because of court calendars, discovery issues, and other litigation issues.

No matter how long a divorce takes we attempt to get the best result possible and resolve the divorce to the best of our client’s satisfaction.

Q What do I need to do to protect my assets, my spouse filed for divorce and took the money out of the bank account?

A We typically will file a temporary restraining order and serve immediately or as soon as service is possible so that the assets of the divorce are not squandered or hidden. We then file requests to return the property or appoint someone to hold the property if needed. We ask the court for access to all accounts, assets, cars, we ask that nothing get cut off, changed or otherwise revised while the divorce is pending.

Q How can I get my spouse to agree when the case is so contentious?

A Leave that to us, we work with the court system, the judge, and your spouse’s attorney in trying to amicably resolve the case to the best outcome.

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